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  • Training for church volunteers on the audio team

  • Audio system analysis and repair

  • Band and worship team development

  • Audio engineering/ mixing for your service or event


I also offer recording and additional audio services outside of sound training through Phil Tuttle Audio.



  • Improved audio output quality

  • Increased consistency across all audio mixing volunteers

  • Outside and unbiased evaluation of the current audio system

  • NO sales or pressure to purchase any gear (because I don't sell it!)

  • Get the band on stage and the crew in the booth working towards the same goal and speaking the same language


Training and education for church audio volunteers

PHIL TUTTLE - Owner & Educator

I've been an audio professional since 1996. After touring for years (mainly with The Elms) and being in a variety of venues, I've seen many houses of worship that are not utilizing the system they have. Many churches lack proper training and education for the volunteer audio crew.


That's why I created A Sound Church. My passion is to teach those in this volunteer role how to use the gear they already have. Often, training services offered by retail companies are really just "we set it, you leave it alone." Or, they evaluate your system and deem it anitiquated, but then announce they have the perfect replacement to sell you.


I love teaching users HOW and WHEN to use the gear they already have. Keeping it simple makes it easy to understand and most often produces great results. The course includes workbooks, hands-on training and plenty of time for questions.

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